Our Story

For over 40 years, we've been helping to improve the lives of the people in our community.

We're well known in the town as being a great place to start getting help that is often difficult to find. 

Over those years, many thousands of people have come to us, often in a great deal of distress due to financial worries, disability, addiction, accommodation problems, 

mental health issues, family breakdown, pension worries and many other issues. 

Bolton Advice Centre (formerly known as Bolton Unemployed Advice Centre) was originally set up in 1979 as part of the local TUC. Some of the workers at the centre have been involved since the very beginning, including Denise Lonsdale who has run the centre for most of that time. In that time, Denise has helped thousands of people to improve their circumstances, from giving encourage to standing beside them in tribunals to fight for their rights. She has tirelessly given her time (unpaid, as a volunteer) and has a great reputation as a fearsome and dogged fighter for people's rights. 
Our reputation has mainly grown by word-of-mouth. People often come to us when they feel they've been going round in circles or coming up against brick walls. Usually someone will have told them to 'go and see Denise or Jody Bennet (our other very long-serving and highly-respected volunteer), they'll sort you out!'. 


Our drop in centre on Deansgate in the centre to Bolton is open to anyone who needs advice. Our opening times are limited as most of our staff are volunteers and we have a very large case load which needs to be progressed outside opening times.

We survive on the very small amount of public funding we receive and welcome donations from any other sources.

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Denise Lonsdale

Can you help us?


We know our service is really valuable and we have helped thousands of people in the town for many years. However, we rely on public funding and donations to keep going. Any donation, however small is greatly appreciated. 


We rely on volunteers to keep the centre going. If you have skills and experience that you feel would be useful to BAC and wish to work for us as a volunteer please contact us at  support@boltonadvicecentre.co.uk. 

148 Deansgate, Bolton, 
Lancashire, BL1 1BB