Staying well during the Coronavirus 

The coronavirus crisis can cause a lot of anxiety and worry for most people and can be more distressing for some more than others. It is very important that we look after our mental and physical health at this time and this page offers a few tips, ideas and links to other useful services.
We can discuss this with you and may be able to signpost you to other organisations that ay be able to help you further. 
It is important to remember that if you have any serious concerns about your physical and mental health you should contact your GP, the emergency services or your hospital as you normally would, they are still open and for you during this crisis as they would be at any other time



The lockdown has meant a lot of people being isolated, especially those who live on their own and people who are socially reclusive anyway.
It is important to try and keep up communication as much as possible, and it is reassuring to know that others are in the same boat.
Also, it is very important for people who are good at communicating to reach out to others at his time.

Many people are finding the use of things such as ZOOM and Skype very useful to keep in touch and have virtual group meet-ups.
And remember - these things are much easier to use than you think so don't be afraid to try!



Eat well

It is very important to try and stay healthy to help your body to fight a virus. However, it is very easy to eat and drink more and get less exercise at this time, especially in lockdown.


Many people are looking at this differently and using the crisis to make POSITIVE rather than NEGATIVE changes.


- Shopping for food. It is not so easy (or even a good idea) to 'nip' to the shops now. So try to make that shop count more by carefully planning your meals for the week.

Most of us waste a lot of food, so it's a good opportunity to practice making good use of leftovers.

- Snacking & junk food

It is more important than ever that we try to avoid snacking, drinking and smoking out of the sheer boredom of being locked in doors. Keeping a daily list of this may be a way of managing this more effectively.
This could be a good time to find new positive activities to replace the negative urges, such as experimenting more healthy recipes, baking,  making bread etc. 




Keep fit

Being in good physical condition can really have a positive impact on how we feel.

It is important to take regular exercise every day, and now could be a good opportunity to improve your fitness.
Try to extend your walk, run or cycle by a little more every day.

if you are not able to leave the home, there are some great easy workouts (and some not so easy online): 

Remember- follow the guidelines which currently say you can leave the house for 1 form of exercise al day alone or with other members of your household, Keep a safe distance of 2 metres from others. 



Stay positive 

It is easy to get into a negative mood during this crisis, especially watching the news.
Some people feel that limiting how much news they watch and read can have a positive affect.

Important - check your facts.  

There is a lot of disinformation being spread during this crisis. 'News' that comes from a reputable and trusted source it is much more likely to be false, some of which causes unnecessary anxiety and worry. 
This website, from a UK charity, is  a great place to check if a story is true:


Try something new 

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