"I knew as soon as

I met Denise in the centre

that she would be able to help me. It was the first time I'd felt I'd been properly listened to.

I walked out of the centre feeling less anxious and worried

for my future than I had

in a long time."

"I cannot thank Jody and the other volunteers enough. I simply didn't know where to start getting help with this. I walked in the centre feeling really distressed and anxious and walked out feeling hopeful and less worried."


"We had pretty much given up hope of seeing our life-savings again until we went to the Bolton Advice Centre. they were amazing, we knew they were on our side from the start and wouldn't stop fighting for us until we'd got our money back."

David and Joan

"It's not just the practical help the centre gives me which I appreciate. It's also the emotional support at a difficult time. The people at the centre are so welcoming and helped make me to feel more positive about my situation"


148 Deansgate, Bolton, 
Lancashire, BL1 1BB